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About Our Company

Professional and Expert Contractor

The Sharkey Builders want to build you a home that exceeds your expectations. Focused on quality and customer satisfaction, our aim is to make sure everything about your job is done to your liking. Our builders are well trained and prepared to deliver a quality product. We're excited to hear from you and to get to work on your build as soon as possible.

Family Owned 

The Sharkey Builders is the product of four generations of work in the construction industry. Ryan, it’s current owner, accompanied his father to jobs as early as 5 years old, and now operates the business himself, with help from his sons and other dedicated employees. We are committed to delivering consistent and high quality work to our customers, and believe that our experience speaks for itself.¬†

Ryan Sharkey


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Our History

Superior Contracting Services

1999 - 2024

Over The Years

Officially started and licensed in 1999, The Sharkey Builders is built on customer satisfaction. Over the years we've built family homes, helped businesses expand with new buildings, and brought new life to old spaces. Whether you are ready to build a family home or growing your business, we have what it takes to make sure everything turns out perfect.